Bright Beginnings Services

Professional Daycare and Preschool in Greenwood Village, Colorado

Our classrooms are filled with interactive and educational tools for your child's growth. Bright Beginnings is a leading provider of child day care services, before/after school programs, and summer day camps. Located in Greenwood Village, Colorado we are confident in providing a child care resource that is knowledgeable and encouraging. We go above and beyond by asking that our staff take more than the required 15-hours of annual training. It is our great pleasure to provide you and your little ones with a child day care that is welcoming and resourceful. 

We have several classrooms to accommodate the various ages of children that we look after. Our rooms include infant, toddlers 1, toddlers 2, preschool, and pre-k. With such bright little ones in our daycare center, we are determined to feed their minds for social, physical, intellectual, and mental growth. At this early age, education plays a serious role in the way they progress through life. Allow our child care assistance to provide you and your family with an excellent resource for child daycare.


Our infant room is designed for ultimate functionality, safety, and comfort. Each of our staff is educated to accommodate each family and child’s needs. We focus on providing infants with plenty of one on one attention, learning activities, and plenty of fun. Our staff is on an on-demand schedule, which means your infant will eat, sleep, play, and explore on their individual schedule. This also enables your baby to develop a comfortable and trusting relationship with our daycare staff.


In our Toddler I room, children between 12 and 24 months are put on a set schedule. At this age, children follow a set schedule, so they know exactly what their day will be like -- offering security and comfort. At this stage, toddlers are encouraged to self-feed and drink from sippy cups, which will promote independence and skill practice.

Toddlers II

Children between the ages of 24-months and 3-years are kept in our Toddler II classroom. We encourage independence within the lines of our set daily schedule. Our staff will also work with children to master self-feeding and self-serve skills. Meals are served family-style around our table, with accompanied staff members to engage and promote meal conversation.


We begin to transition our toddlers around the age of 2 ½ to 3 1/2 , into our preschool classrooms. Our primary focus during this phase is working on potty training and developing organization skills. Each child will be given a cubby with their name, extra clothes, binkies, and other items they might need. There are no changing tables in this room, a private changing mat is located in the bathroom, so children are given privacy. We provide children with cots for nap time, and ask families to provide a blanket.


This particular room is for youth ages 4-5. Our curriculum follows six investigations that include things such as clothing, tree, and familiar objects. The goal of this curriculum is to help children familiarize everyday things with science, math, language, and more! Other tools we utilize include Hooked on Phonics and Saxon Math Programs to help with preschool preparedness.

Befor/after school

We also provide before and after school care for parents who may need additional help because of work or other personal reasons. At Bright Beginnings Learning center we also have day camps available during the summer. Great for keeping kids motivated, socialized, and learning even when school is out!