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What sets us apart from our competitors is that our staff is constantly working to provide our families with individual service. Our owner is on site daily, which helps increase the output of quality childcare and accountability. 

 Since we opened our doors in January of 2011, we’ve held our staff to the highest standard in child care assistance. We provide the community of Greenwood Village, Colorado with the best family day care services available. In each of our classrooms, we make it a priority to have at least one bi-lingual staff member available. We also offer Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, and Indonesian languages if necessary. 

 Bright Beginnings provides guidance and a comfortable learning environment for its children. One of the best parts of our staff is that we provide individual attention to each child, to promote a loving and nurturing environment.

Updated Nov 2020

Certified Childcare Providers in Greenwood Village, Colorado

Our team offers an excellent benefits package and employee appreciations programs to ensure they always feel needed, valued, and motivated. Happy staff means a good day at Bright Beginnings and a child care center that families can trust. We offer paid staff training each year to encourage them to participate and continue their early education knowledge.

As a result, your child will be exposed to a fun and comfortable learning environment for optimal growth. During meals, staff will sit with the kids and encourage productive and positive conversations. This is great for your child because it displays model behavior - and allows them to continue mimicking positive adults while away from home.

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For your comfort and understanding, we maintain an open door policy, welcoming families to spend time within the classroom and with our staff. Get to know our staff, and they’ll get to know you - this can help them better understand your child’s behaviors, habits, and preferences for a more comfortable experience.

If you’re living in the Greenwood Village, Colorado area and looking for a reliable child care center, Bright Beginnings is the place for your family. Call us today at (303) 816-8113 and learn more about our amazing family day care assistance.