Preschool Services

There is so much to learn in our early learning preschool classes. With an experienced staff on hand, we are dedicated to providing these young children with a great learning and growing experience. Our preschool classrooms are designed to accommodate children ages 3 to 4 years old. This set-schedule class offers structure that is comfortable, expected and puts them more at ease. 

There are many aspects of our preschool daycare class that will encourage social, physical, and educational growth. We follow a Montessori-based program, which contains ideas from sensorial, language arts, geography, science, puzzles, crafts, dramatic play, and so much more. Unlike many other daycare centers, it’s imperative to us that your child feels comfortable in their environment. This promotes a more relaxed demeanor, which is better for learning and generating a better mood throughout the room. 

 It’s important to us that while preschoolers are under our family child care, that they be respectful to other kids and staff. We help children learn how to make their own choices of what materials to catch on too, and focusing on their interests. Each day between 9:00 am and 11:30 am, children will participate in a structured schedule.

 A weekly circle time we’ll discuss themes, stories are read, and finger plays are put on - this is a great group experience for shared laughter and learning. After circle time, small groups will work together to enhance targeted academic skills. We focus on pre-literacy skills such as math, language, science, and various cognitive development exercises. A bonus is that we incorporate the Spanish language at our child care center as well.

Early Childhood Development in Greenwood Village, Colorado

Another great part about child care assistance from Bright Beginnings is that we encourage children to become independent and self-sufficient. We also find that it’s important for children to take responsibility for themselves, and their actions. Activity time is a very big deal at Bright Beginnings. Learning should fun, and without releasing energy, it can be difficult for children to focus. We start our morning with brain gym, a sequence of stretches and exercises that involve parts of the brain and whole body movements. Mid mornings and afternoons we have planned outdoor playtime, where children can run and develop gross motor skills. Rest assured our experienced, family day care staff, is on full alert within our gated outdoor playground.

Speak with us today at (303) 816-8113 and learn more about our amazing child care assistance, and active preschool classrooms. One of our friendly staff will be glad to assist you!